Why Trunao is Better Than Other Excel Editor Applications?

Why Trunao is Better Than Other Excel Editor Applications?Do you think Trunao is the right platform for excel editor? If yes, you are in the proper place. You have been developing a Web Application in Excel in your head. It may be impossible to share with your clients because your intellectual property will be stolen. Your Web application idea is sound, but it is constrained in its ability to generate income due to Excel's limitations.

Due to Trunao, Excel spreadsheets will advance industry-leading no-code app builder and integrated web database. Using a feature-rich no-code app builder, you can convert excel sheet to web application for free online in minutes. Their point-and-click features and guided development workflow make it simple to build online Excel applications.

Critical Features of Trunao:

  • Forms/survey/database:

Using just a link, you can gather information from your customers. Forms are generated immediately. Drag and drop can be used to change them. 

  • Built-in Filter& Sort:

Predefined filters and sorting are used. A filter for that column is automatically inserted if you see the queue. There is also a quick all-column filter accessible.

  • Secured Share:

Share your online database with your family and friends with the necessary rights! The column formulas and numbers are under your control.

  • AutoSave:

All displays have autosaving built in. Users won't lose data due to her forgetting to hit Save. Additionally, even if the user doesn't click submit, you still get all your data from Forms.

  • File Storage:

Each entry can have documents or images attached, or you can add a column just for them. It's similar to having DropBox linked to your data.

  • Column Level Property:

The simple editor lets you modify column-level features. Only the admin can change formulas. Without applying it to all cells, changes to columns become immediately accessible to everyone.

  • Rapid Load Speeds:

Displays scroll very quickly between adding and changing a post. Regardless of how many records there are, there is never a load period.

Why Trunao for an Online Excel Editor?

  • Easy to Use:

Whether you are an Excel seasoned user, their website makes it simple and clear to access your files and make the necessary alterations. When you convert the spreadsheet to database, a window will appear so that you can verify the field names. Choose New Table and give the table a name if everything looks okay.

  • Unrivaled Security:

Due to their state-of-the-art encryption technology, they always keep your complete information secure, so you don't need to be concerned about its security. 

  • Quick Result:

Their powerful servers allow them too quickly and efficiently access and edit Excel files. They can finish any worksheet soon, whether you need to make a small change or want to redesign it completely.

  • Support:

Their team of experts is always available to offer assistance and guidance to ensure you get the most out of their service.

  • Excellent Caliber:

Convenience won't require sacrificing quality. Because their tools were developed by experts and backed by state-of-the-art technology, you can be confident that your files will always be of the highest caliber.

  • Additional Features:

Trunao gives you extra features that improve and simplify your job compared to using a simple sheet. Converting a Spreadsheet to the database with additional user-friendly features and superior functionality is also helpful.

What Makes Excel So Powerful?

Users of Microsoft Excel can find patterns in data and classify them into functional groups. Additionally, Excel performs human resources tasks that assist businesses in understanding the composition and activities of their workforce, such as categorizing hours worked and organizing employee profiles and expenditures.

What is a Unique Feature of Excel?

An array or range of numbers from the Excel unique function is listed. Any data format, including text, numbers, dates, times, and more, can be used. The method falls under the Dynamic Arrays category. Consequently, a dynamic array is created that automatically overflows into adjacent cells vertically or horizontally.

What Makes Excel Run Faster?

  • Improve the connections and references.
  • Cut down on the used variety.
  • Permit additional info.
  • Speed up the computation for lookups.
  • Optimize SUMPRODUCT and array calculations.
  • Utilize tools effectively.
  • Create VBA programs more quickly.
  • Think about the functionality and size of Excel file types.

How Can You Make Excel More Efficient?

  • Use pivot tables to identify and interpret data.
  • Append additional columns or rows.
  • To make your info simpler, use filters.
  • Eliminate redundant data groups or points.
  • Transpose of columns into rows.
  • Divide textual content into separate sections.
  • For easy calculations, use these methods.

Which is the Best Online Excel Editor?

Trunao is the best xlsx editor online. It is a web-based spreadsheet program that provides extensive features to assist users in creating, editing, viewing, and sharing spreadsheets online.

Can You Edit Excel Online for Free?

Online, there are a few free Excel tools available. Google Sheets, Trunao, and Office Online are a few of the more well-known ones. To edit an xlsx file online using one of these tools, you must first launch the tool and a fresh spreadsheet or an existing spreadsheet. So you need to ensure the cells you want to edit are selected before making changes. You must save your modifications after editing and then exit the editor.

Wrapping It Up:

From the above mentioned, the online Excel editor is a free tool that users can use from any device with an internet connection to create, modify, and view Excel files. Both inexperienced and seasoned users will find it simple and easy to use. It is well-liked by users and developers and has a solid API and extensive documentation, making it simple to incorporate, modify, and expand.


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